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My passion is partnering with people who are inspired to achieve extraordinary results and success, both personally and professionally. The goal is always happiness, whether that means health, success, family, or your relationship with God, the goal is to establish extraordinary lives.
Dr. Sirlin?aching and success development programs are specifically designed to help people change their perspective and effectively navigate their way through the complexities, challenges and adversities that go hand in hand with striving to be our best. Dr Sirlin?ssion is about helping people to create a healthy, happy lifestyle for a lifetime. Having worked with countless people over the past 27 years, he brings his experience, education, spiritual insight and practical wisdom to the table to change perspectives and create powerful thoughts through his coaching style. His mission as a Leadership, success and wellness coach is providing the assistance to understand and achieve proper life balance, success, health and wellness through nutrition, self-awareness, motivation, accountability and inspiration for a healthy, successful and fulfilling life.
Why do I need a Coach?
Why does anyone need a coach? My first experiences with being coached were in Junior High School. Every sport, every athlete had a coach. A coach was someone who you could confide in, and more importantly, through observation, see the little things that were keeping you from reaching your potential. It? difference with coaching the non-athlete. With creativity, goal setting, strategizing, and accountability, you gain the momentum for success, fulfillment and wellness in life. In fact, the coaching process has a lot to do with a co-creative, brainstorming relationship between you (the client) and me (the coach). Think of it as hiring a wise, well-informed, solutions-oriented FRIEND. Your coach should be someone who has your best interest at heart, who will creatively and effectively help you find your way out of any undesirable situation while helping you transition to a better, more fulfilling, more successful and healthier place in life. The purpose is always the same. Whatever your goals, to have a trusted partner in helping you get there.
Why Wellness Coaching?
In order to understand Wellness Coaching Wellness can be a tough word to define. According Charles Corbin of Arizona State University, "Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing positive health in an individual as exemplified by their quality of life and sense of well-being."

As a wellness coach, I not only give you the proper tools that will stay with you for a lifetime, but will help keep you honest with yourself in a tough and respective way. This means that through gentle guidance, a wellness coach can help you understand what self-defeating patterns exist in your life that keep holding you back, then help you know how to identify when the patterns arise and give you the proper methods to change the pattern.

Personal wellness coaching can be especially beneficial if:
鯵r health has been compromised by disease, injuries, distress or environmental imbalances
鯵 want to accomplish a higher level of physical and psychological fitness
鯵 feel stuck in a particular area of your life, in spite of your best efforts

What Coaching is not!
To me, this is one of the neat things about the coaching and mentoring process. It?t some type of therapy. Coaching is about you taking the necessary steps to get what you want out of life. It?out finding balance and wellness During the coaching engagement, I?t going to pry into your childhood memories or try to dig up some excuse for why you場he way you are today. In fact, just as the athlete coaching relationship begins, my job is to help you dream bigger, and see the possibilities! The fact that you堳eeking solutions with a coach shows strength and character. And, if it?fit, I?e there to help you through difficulties if need be. But in our coaching sessions, we won?end a lot of our time focusing on problems, weaknesses and issues. Instead, we will hyper-focus on answers, solutions and strategies that will move you out of that problem area to a place of success, wellness and fulfillment. This is exciting, positive stuff, especially as you see the envision the changes that are about to take place in your life!

But it requires that you be committed to your success and wellness. This is about life strategy, not about quick fixes. What you?quire in our coaching sessions will be mastering the tools that can revolutionize your life.
Coaching is not about the Coach
I may do a lot of talking and sharing about certain subjects related to wellness, relationships, motivation, inspiration, spirituality, etc., but coaching is a two way process. It requires your participation and your action. If you堮ot proactive and willing to do the work it takes to achieve results, then having a coach is not for you. My goal as a coach is to see to it that you get results, as quickly as possible.

But, it takes action ?your part! If you want to realize your dreams and be successful, you have to be willing to work for it.

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Andrew Sirlin
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Andrew Sirlin
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