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l. Managing Change with Enthusiasm
2. How to Lead and Inspire
3. The Psychology of Achievement
4. Defusing Stress
5. Physically Fit Kids
6. Nutrition By Design
7. Natural Medicine and Your Health

l. "Managing Change with Enthusiasm"
Change can be a tremendous challenge for us, in both our professional and personal lives. Most of us find it hard to manage, and so we avoid it at all costs. But managing change effectively can, and very often does, have a profound positive impact on our success as well as our sense of wellbeing.
At a time when people across America are wary of uncertainty and are experiencing unsettling change, this presentation discusses how to take the stress out of change, and embrace the positive opportunities it brings.
Dr. Sirlin will discuss:
• Mastering your attitude
• Setting and achieving personal goals
• The "security" myth
• What "excellence" really means
• How successful people fail all the time-and they're happy about it!
• The benefits of expanding your comfort zone
• The importance of keeping your perspective
2. "How to Lead and Inspire"
True leadership is not about getting others to do what you say, it's about inspiring people to follow your lead and take positive action.
In this presentation, Dr. Sirlin outlines the link between leadership, performance, and personal and professional success. Drawing on his decades of experience and expertise on personal wellness, Dr. Sirlin shows how even people in non-leadership positions in organizations can become true leaders-inspiring and empowering themselves and their teammates.
Dr. Sirlin will discuss:
• How to inspire others to follow your lead
• Steps you can take to optimize performance: from yourself
   and those around you
• Making a difference
• The art of teamwork
• Motivation and it's role in maximizing performance
3. "The Psychology of Achievement"
This lecture takes a look at the thoughts, actions, and habits that lead to greater success and happiness. Learn to create an attitude of expectancy with clear steps to a brighter future. Find out how motivation is essential for a business or individual to survive and thrive.
Topics include how to:
• Change thoughts from negative to positive
• Stop worrying
• Break old habits, create new ones
• Set and achieve personal and professional goals
• Expand your comfort zone
• Master your attitudes
• Learn how to keep your perspective
4. "Defusing Stress"
This powerful presentation helps you to dramatically reduce the impact of stress on your everyday life. Dr. Sirlin's unique methodology centers on the fundamental choice we have in our daily lives: to be the author of our lives, or a victim.
This seminar helps you to:
• Increase your ability to cope with stress
• Understand the true meaning of "perspective"
• Apply perspective as a mechanism for defusing stress
• Reduce worry significantly
• Control the pressures and demands placed upon you each day
5. "Physically Fit Kids"
This lecture is packed full of insights on how to improve your child's health and self-esteem through physical fitness. Dr. Sirlin will present to you the startling facts on today's alarming epidemic of overweight and inactive youth, in addition to the risk factors associated with inactivity and obesity.
Dr. Sirlin will take you through:
• How to encourage and support an active and healthful lifestyle for your kids
• How to do the same for yourself!
• Ways to increase your child's confidence and self-esteem
• Methods to enhance your child's physical wellbeing
• Ways to extend these sound practices so that your child maintains
   an active and healthful lifestyle into adulthood
6. "Nutrition By Design"
In this seminar, Dr. Sirlin offers a practical and logical approach to sound nutritional habits. The presentation emphasizes why it is so important to follow the nutritional approach for which our bodies were designed.
Dr. Sirlin will discuss:
• What to eat and when to eat it
• How much food is enough
• Controlling your metabolic rate
• The effects of failing to follow the nutritional approaches for
   which our bodies were designed
7. "Natural Medicine and Your Health"
This presentation explores health, illness, symptoms, and over-the-counter and prescription medicines. You will discover what health truly is, and isn't. Dr. Sirlin discusses a natural approach to illness, symptom relief, and health.
This lecture looks at:
• Medication and its value to our health
• Sound exercise habits to suit different people and lifestyles
• The benefits of turning quality nutrition into a routine
• The true meaning of "symptoms"
• A natural approach to overall health and wellbeing

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